Tenant Representation

Consulting Services

In challenging economic times, the importance of timely, accurate, and relevant information in the decision making process is magnified. To empower our clients with such critical and valuable information, The Legaspi Company, through our diversely talented and experienced staff, provides real estate and marketing consulting services to investors, urban planners, developers, and tenants. In addition to the Area and Project Feasibility Analysis described earlier in this overview, we can provide clients with customized research and analysis services with respect to various business environment factors, including the following:

  • Demographic factors in a given geographic area or region including the identification of the ethnic make-up of that population and the identification of certain consumer behavior patterns, trends or needs which might be unique to that population segment;
  • Competition and competitive strengths and advantages of the client, utilizing various sampling methods, including surveys, on-site interviews, and focus groups, to identify the client’s position in the market and strengths and weaknesses as perceived by customers and others in the industry;
  • Current operations and procedures of existing facilities or operations, in terms of sales, distribution, square footage, rent and other overhead costs, site dimensions and lay out, accessibility and other variables that lend themselves to direct comparison and analysis;
  • Other business environment factors such as general trends of an area or industry, level of development, availability of financing, barriers to competition, governmental or legal requirements affecting the client’s business.

Numerous clients, including, municipalities, developers, urban planners, investors, and major chain retailers such as Gigante, Famsa, El Pollo Loco, Quizno’s, Yoshinoya Beef Bowl, Blockbuster Video, Fashion Gal, Emyco, Fresh & Easy, PLS, Little Caesars, Opportunities For Learning, Dr. Pacheco Naturalmente, Chuck E Cheese's, Fred Loya Insurance, Melrose, MetroPCS, Waba Grill and Shoeteria have benefited from the findings of our research and analysis of any one, all, or a hybrid of the above factors. The scope of the research and analysis of any of the above would be dictated by the strategic planning needs of the client, and the methodology of such research would be developed in accordance with the timing and budgetary requirements of the client.

As a follow-up or application of the findings of such research and analysis, The Legaspi Company can work with the client to formulate an expansion strategy or to develop and implement site procurement procedures, which would include site identification and analysis, procurement contract negotiation, and construction/move in procedures. Such services can be conducted on a case-by-case basis, or as an on-going service through a retainer or other fee arrangement.

We are particularly interested in providing our consulting and research services as part of a comprehensive implementation strategy in which we provide the real estate brokerage and, if applicable, management services to carry-out our recommendations.