Tenant Representation


The Legaspi Company ("TLC") deal makers are experts in tenant representation.  Over the last three decades, The Legaspi Company has aided in the expansion of numerous credit tenants.  TLC is able to close multiple to dozens of deals for a single client streamlining the real estate transaction process for retailers.  Our agents are well-versed in the current retail real estate transaction market and make every effort to deliver the terms and conditions the clients need.  Customer service is of paramount importance to TLC and our agents respect their fiduciary duties.

We are experts in site selection.  The strength of The Legaspi Company is its ability to deliver real estate to retailers at optimal locations for them.  The focus of our search lies in the customer therefore we get to know who our client is selling to.  Once we target a market, our agents meticulously canvas the area.

TLC delivers real estate by utilizing every resource available in the brokerage community.  We uncover and deliver real estate in regions that are considered extremely difficult to reach by the real estate community.  TLC delivers sites through constant follow-up and total effort in bringing the parties involved into an agreement each can accept.

TLC has systems and templates in place that have been tested and proven to aid in the expansion programs of major retailers.  TLC also can provide data unique to a retailers needs.  We are able to present and report on multiple opportunities in targeted regions as well as current market conditions.  This is all in an effort to achieve the ultimate goal: acquire locations for our clients.

Who are TLC clients?  We represent retailers of multiple sizes and categories.  Each retailer has specific real estate needs and they face a variety of challenges while securing real estate.  A company looking for small shop space may have several opportunities to choose from within a particular trade area.  We uncover these sites and present deals to them.  A company needing over an acre of land in urban in-fill retail locations also seeks choices in the marketplace and it is our role to uncover and sometimes even create opportunities through constant follow-up and due diligence.

Over the years The Legaspi Company has worked on some of the most successful expansion programs in Southern California.  The Legaspi Company’s deal making team is representing tenants throughout the State of California.  Contact our offices to speak to an agent regarding your expansion needs.