The Legaspi Company is a full-service development/brokerage company for commercial/ investment real estate, particularly for retail projects.  We are recognized as an aggressive commercial real estate company, noted particularly for our ability to successfully identify and capitalize on untapped opportunities created by demographic changes and trends in the marketplace.  This reputation has led many investors, developers and retailers (please see accompanying client list) to seek our assistance in their expansion/development planning, site selection, and leasing/sales negotiation activities.  Municipalities and government entities have also recognized our ability to position, in many cases re-position, shopping districts in order to increase services to the community.

The foundation of our strength in various market areas is our niche marketing orientation: our recognition of the unique needs and marketing characteristics of each site on its own merits, and our willingness, as a matter of choice, to educate and work aggressively with investors, developers, retailers, and tenants in these areas, which in many cases were, till quite recently, considered marginal at best.

Our work throughout our life span reflects the dynamic characteristics of California's diverse market and includes work with all of the minority groups represented in the Los Angeles ADI which allows us to break through cultural barriers confronted by developers or brokers who have not had exposure to these groups.  Though many people in the industry may associate The Legaspi Company with ethnic market areas of Southern California, particularly the Hispanic market, our abilities, expertise and influence are not, by any means, limited or confined to such areas.  The full-service nature of our company has attracted a broad spectrum of clients throughout the United States, Latin America, and Asia to seek our assistance on a wide variety of projects unlimited by geography, industry or nature.

The Legaspi Company has had extensive experience in the California real estate market as well as Atlanta, the Southwestern region and Mexico. We have a unique, versatile, and capable staff that is qualified to provide a full range of services necessary for commercial development. Our expertise covers the administrative/ management, research/analysis, and leasing/sales skills needed as outlined in this introduction to The Legaspi Company. Our extensive experience in the dealing with the complexities of the urban environment and the international arenas have provided us with resources and tools with which we have contributed to and established the success of many developments throughout the competitive, retail area, especially the Southern California real estate market. Thus, we have acquired the management and administrative capacity necessary to direct and maintain the profitability and marketability of a development.

Our Team