Realty & Leasing Services


Sales / Divestitures & Joint Venture / Partnerships

Sales & Divestitures

The ultimate function of all experienced businesspersons is to identify and fulfill the needs of its clients. This goal is achieved through the thorough and on-going commitment of Legaspi Company to understand and stay abreast of market conditions as well as maintaining close communications with our client base. The arranging of a “marriage” of two or more clients with similar and/or compatible needs, skills, and resources is a natural extension of this process. Identifying the potential for and arranging Joint Venture Partnerships is another valuable service that The Legaspi Company is able to provide when the needs arise.

Joint Venture & Partnerships

Though the needs and goals of investors vary from one to another, in our experience, most of those interested in commercial/retail development seem to enjoy the challenge of “pioneering” a new development, and once they have completed one, like to sell and move their equity in that project to start a new one. Whatever the motivation might be, The Legaspi Company has successfully sold a wide range of properties to various investors with whom we maintain an ongoing and professional rapport. This resource, a stable of ready and able buyers, is instrumental in our ability to bring qualified offers in a timely manner, thereby freeing the seller/invest or to realize the equity it has gained and leveraging it in another investment.